Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill Review: Charcoal Perfection

weber master touch grill review

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Elevating the art of charcoal grilling to new heights, the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill has garnered attention for its meticulous design and exceptional performance. With a suite of innovative features tailored to enhance the grilling experience, this grill has carved out a niche in the competitive landscape of outdoor cooking appliances.

From its Gourmet BBQ System to the One-Touch Cleaning System and char-basket fuel holders, every facet of this grill exudes precision and expertise.

The question remains: How does the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill deliver on its promise of charcoal perfection, and what sets it apart from its counterparts in the market?

Key Takeaways

  • The Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill is equipped with the Gourmet BBQ System, allowing for versatility in cooking.
  • The One-Touch Cleaning System makes cleanup of charcoal ash and debris hassle-free.
  • The grill has features such as a lid holder, extra space for grilling, and superior heat retention for consistent temperature and even cooking.
  • Customers have praised the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill for its quality, ease of use, and charcoal flavor.

Product Features

The Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill boasts an array of innovative and practical product features that elevate the charcoal grilling experience to a new level of convenience and culinary excellence.

The Gourmet BBQ System offers a cooking grate compatible with various inserts and allows for easy addition of charcoal while grilling.

Moreover, the One-Touch Cleaning System simplifies the cleanup process by swiftly swiping charcoal ash and debris into a high-capacity, removable ash catcher.

This grill also features a convenient lid holder, ample grilling space for 13 burgers, and a warming rack for keeping food warm.

Additionally, the porcelain-enameled lid and bowl ensure superior heat retention, while the char baskets organize charcoal for direct or indirect grilling.

With tool hooks for hanging grilling utensils, this grill provides both functionality and ease of use.

Customer Reviews

Several customers have expressed their satisfaction with the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill, highlighting its performance and quality. The assembly process was mentioned as somewhat challenging, particularly when attaching the legs, but not a significant issue.

The customer service experience was praised, with one customer noting the awesome assistance received when a screw with the handle was missing.

Additionally, the 10-year warranty was highlighted as a valuable aspect of the purchase, emphasizing the confidence in the product’s durability and the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

These reviews reflect the overall positive sentiment towards the grill, acknowledging its exceptional cooking capabilities and the enjoyable experience it offers.

Positive Feedback

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Reflecting on the customers’ experiences with assembly and the praise for outstanding customer service, the positive feedback for the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill underscores its exceptional performance and the overall satisfaction of its users.

The advantages highlighted by users include the consistent quality of Weber barbecue equipment, the amazing taste of charcoal-grilled food, ease of cleaning, heat regulation, and mobility. Users also appreciate the grill’s versatility, with one mentioning its effectiveness as a quick smoker.

The exceptional customer service and the 10-year warranty further contribute to user satisfaction and confidence in the product.

Additionally, the upgrade from previous models and the overall cooking experience have been positively emphasized, reaffirming the grill’s status as a top choice for charcoal grilling enthusiasts.

Charcoal Grilling Experience

Users have expressed a profound appreciation for the ritualistic and immersive experience of charcoal grilling with the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill. The process of starting the coals and mastering the art of adjusting the heat adds an enriching dimension to the grilling experience.

Here are three key aspects that enhance the charcoal grilling experience with this grill:

  • Mastery of Fire: Learning the nuances of starting the coals and achieving the perfect heat level fosters a sense of mastery and accomplishment.
  • Aromas and Flavors: The distinct, smoky flavors infused into the food by the charcoal grilling process create a sensory delight for the chef and the guests.
  • Connection with Tradition: Engaging in the age-old tradition of charcoal grilling brings a sense of nostalgia and connection to time-honored culinary practices.

Overall Impression

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The Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill leaves a lasting impression with its exceptional performance, innovative features, and timeless charcoal grilling experience. Its Gourmet BBQ System, One-Touch Cleaning System, and Lid Holder make it a standout choice for barbecue enthusiasts. With a 10-year warranty and superior heat retention, this grill offers both durability and functionality. Furthermore, the ability to grill 13 burgers at once and utilize the warming rack for additional cooking space adds practicality to its impressive features. However, when comparing to gas grills, it’s important to consider the pros and cons. The table below provides a concise overview:


  • Exceptional charcoal flavor
  • Versatile cooking capabilities
  • Durable construction


  • Longer heat-up time
  • Requires more attention
  • Ash disposal can be messy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill Compatible With Other Brand’s Charcoal or Is It Recommended to Use a Specific Type of Charcoal?

For optimal performance, it’s recommended to use high-quality charcoal options compatible with the Weber Master-Touch 22 grill. This ensures efficient heat retention, even cooking, and easy grill maintenance. When disposing of ash, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe and effective ash disposal.

Can the Gourmet BBQ System Inserts Be Purchased Separately, or Are They Included With the Grill?

Purchasing options for the Gourmet BBQ System inserts are available separately, offering flexibility to tailor your grill to your preferences. These gourmet accessories can be conveniently acquired to enhance your grilling experience and culinary versatility.

How Long Does It Take to Assemble the Weber Master-Touch 22 Grill?

Assembling the Weber Master-Touch 22 grill typically takes around 1-2 hours and may require a Phillips head screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and pliers. The grill is compatible with alternative fuels and accessories, enhancing its versatility and performance.

Are There Any Specific Cleaning Products or Methods Recommended for Maintaining the Porcelain-Enameled Lid and Bowl of the Grill?

To maintain the porcelain-enameled lid and bowl of the grill, it’s recommended to use mild dish soap, warm water, and a non-abrasive sponge. Regularly clean the grill with these products to preserve its finish and compatibility with charcoal.

Is There a Recommended Method for Disposing of Charcoal Ash and Debris From the One-Touch Cleaning System?

Proper disposal of charcoal ash and debris from the One-Touch Cleaning System involves allowing the grill to cool and transferring the ashes to a metal container. Ensuring the ashes are completely extinguished is important for safe disposal.


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